The Smile Club.

Our Smile Club is open to all patients and at different levels of service. Joining the club means you get a range of benefits, which means your smile is constantly being taken care of in service and cost.

Join the club!

We’ve outlined the main benefits below, and if you would like further information, simply visit the practice and ask at reception.

The Smile Club

Member benefits.

2 dental check-ups a year

One pre-holiday check-up a year

2 visits to the hygienist a year

1 visit to hygienist for demonstration /review of your teeth brushing technique  yearly (this includes usage of disclosing tablets)

Fillings (excluding inlays) at no extra cost.  Depending on your membership level we will only place white/ cosmetic fillings in your teeth (even older fillings will be similarly replaced as at when they become defective).  We will advise you accordingly if this will not be to your advantage.

Payment of laboratory charges only where you require inlays, veneers, crowns, bridges, dentures and other items involving laboratory procedures.  This also depends on your membership level.

Same day emergency service.  This is not applicable within an hour of close of business, bank holidays, weekends and when dentist is unavoidably absent (due to ill-health etc).

Many more benefits.  Details available on request.

Helping the Cardiff Community.

We’re proud to be a part of the Cardiff Community. Join a growing number of people gaining confidence with their smiles, with Cardiff Smile Centre.

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