Cardiff Smile Centre

Prevention of periodontal (gum) disease.

This section was adapted from: ‘Delivering Better Oral Health’ a joint publication of the Department of Health and British Association for the Study of Community Dentistry.

We aim to empower our clients to make positive decisions to improve their oral health. The following advice is aimed at achieving this.

All adolescents and adults.


  1. Brush teeth systematically twice daily with either;

A manual brush with a small head and round end filaments, a compact, angled arrangement of long and short filaments and a comfortable handle.


A powered toothbrush with an oscillating/rotating head.

2. Do not smoke

3. Consider using toothpastes containing;

Triclosan with copolymer, or Triclosan with zinc citrate, to improve levels of plaque control.

Toothpastes with stannous fluoride may reduce gingivitis (gum inflammation).

4. Clean between teeth using interdental (between teeth) brushes (for example Tepe brushes) or floss (only if you can carefully avoid it touching your gums!).

5. Maintain good dietary practices (see your GP about good diets!).

The Smile Club.

There are other preventative services that we can offer but these are available only to our smile club or private clients. Smile club members and their children will be offered these services at no additional cost. Private fee per item clients will however incur charges.